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The Cafe
The Cafe
Flour Ground At The Mill Can Be Purchased
Here - Along With Tea/Coffee And Cake Made
From Their Own Milled Flour
(ideal for making your own bread)

APRIL 2021

The Trust hope to open the Windmill to invited guests on Sunday 23 May, 3 to 4pm to check the safety and security measures that will be in place until further notice due to Covid-19 restrictions.  The Windmill will then be open on Sunday May 30 and Monday May 31, 2 to 4pm on both days and then every Sunday until the end of September from 2 to 5pm.

Over the years the Trust has seen a marked reduction in the number of members, limiting the income that helps to maintain this historic building.  The Windmill suffered some damage in the December heavy winds and the Trust owe a debt of gratitude to the neighbours who were quick to inform the Trustees so that immediate remedial short-term action could be taken.  Unfortunately, the blades on the fantail were damaged and required extensive repairs.   However, this work has been completed by an experienced Mill Wright.  These vital repairs will ensure that the Windmill continues to mill flour and for the public to visit and enjoy this iconic building.  The roof of the café also suffered some damage to the tiles which are being repaired.

The Trust will be organising several fund-raising fairs at Stone Cross Memorial Hall in the con-fidence that this will attract new visitors, helping to increase essential funds for the Windmill.  Please encourage friends and neighbours to visit these fairs and help to contribute to the longevity and maintenance of the Windmill.

Don’t forget to renew Windmill membership and 100 club or become a member.  Due to Covid-19 the Windmill like other heritage buildings was shut throughout 2020 and suffered a severe loss of income as all fund-raising activities were halted.

Many thanks for your continued support.  If you wish to pay membership, 100 club or provide a donation by direct transfer please contact the chair for details on 07909987843 or email

The maintenance team has sadly become depleted over the year especially with the loss of Peter Bell who has moved out of the area.  The Trustees benefited from his skilled guidance and support over many years to ensure that the Windmill and grounds are well maintained for visitors to enjoy.

Stone Cross Mill Trust
Registered Charity No. 1172798

Last Updated 04/11/2019